Tim Barnes

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In high school I dreamed about it (making it in music and going on tour.)
Tom Donahue was working for KMPX and KSPN in San Francisco and
I met him in high school. I gave him some tapes of my music when I was 19.
Stoneground happened when I was 21.

Stoneground's first gig was opening for Albert King. We were a power trio from Concord, CA. This was before the Girls joined the band. Tom brought in Sal Valentino and they made it happen. Cory Lerios (later of Pablo Cruise) joined our band in 1971 with Steve Price. Sal introduced them to us, then we went back to tour Europe again. When Sal, Cory and Steve moved on Annie Sampson and I decided to continue on with Stoneground. We got real lucky when Jo Baker (from Elvin Bishop Group) Sammy Piazza (Hot Tuna) and Fred Webb (It's A Beautiful Day) joined the group with a Bass player friend of mine Terry Davis. So you could say this new band is more related to that configuration than to the big band early on. Stoneground did five albums with Warner Brothers and 9 albums overall.

In 1993 I joined Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers after a fun stint with The Blue Flames. My first gig with Mick was at The Crest Theatre on a great show with Buddy Guy and John Mayall. Mick and I did a lot of song writing and recording together.

We also toured Europe a couple of times. Mick has a lot of fans over there. Those Europeans love the American blues thing and they treated us great. I know those promoters are still urging Mick to get back over there again. After ten years together Mick and I are like brothers, which is why we hope to work some more together, down the road. We just have a lot of fun playing and writing tunes together.

This new Stoneground band got started when my former guitar roadie called me about doing some recording with his wife, Claudia Knauer. Then Steve Price came down to the studio and played drums. When we realized how much we all liked what was going on in the studio, we decided it was time to reform Stoneground. I think this new Stoneground is really going to be a crowd pleaser. I know we're all very excited about these new songs.

I'm so lucky to be working with the people in this band. The two girls, Claudia & Dana, are absolutely wonderful and they carry on the tradition of Stoneground, throughout the years, of a rock & roll band with female vocalist up front. Of course having Steve Price, Kelly Stephens and Greg King in this band has made this project a dream come true. I still feel kind of stunned at my good luck.

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