Stoneground was formed 1970 in San Francisco. What originally started as a trio soon expanded to a 10 piece band. They were very famous for their live performances and managed to tour both America and Europe as part of Warner Brothers' Medicine Ball Caravan. In Europe they even managed to develop some kind of cult status. Some of the later band members (Cory Lerios, Steve Price and David Jenkins) left to form Pablo Cruise who turned out to be a commercial success.

In 1978 Jo Baker joined Annie Sampson and Tim Barnes to form a version of Stoneground with new band members Fred Webb, Terry Davis and Sammy Piazza.

This new Stoneground band got started when Tim Barnes former guitar roadie called Tim about doing some recording with his wife, Claudia Knauer. Then Steve Price came down to the studio and played drums.   
When they realized how much they all liked what was going on in the studio, Tim decided it was time to reform Stoneground.

Meet the Band!


Tim Barnes


Dana Moret


Greg King


Claudia Knauer


Steve Price


Kelly Stephens