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Dear Tim
I didn't know about your work or your connection to my favorite Bay Area band... Stoneground. I about pissed myself when she told me who you were. amazing! I've spent the last hour looking at your site and reviewing some of my favorite songs from the only Stoneground album I own..."Hearts of Stone." I turned half my dorm on to you guys back in 1978/79 and even booked you guys as a warm-up band to Head East at our College Gymnasium while I was student director of the college Program Board. (My first career). You were even getting airplay in Twin Falls Idaho from the sponsoring FM radio them the only extra copy of "Hearts," that I had.

I remember "Let Me Prove It Too You," was getting more requests than
"England Dan and John Ford Coley," they told me.

Unfortunately, you guys cancelled a few days before the show...and we scrambled to get some garage band from Boise, who filled in. A poor second choice. Their was a riot, all the chairs were thrown to the side, the music was so loud that the acoustical insulation rained down an inch thick on the gym floor...tossed cigarette butts, burned the insulation and scorched the wood floor, my Student body advisor was puked on while carrying out a underage, wildly drunk, high schooler and I was suspended for a week and pulled before the Dean/Founder of the entire college...who told me they were banning concerts forever. I have never been the same....thank you for turning me into the quiet nerd to one of the most popular BMOC in less than a week.

I'll forgive you...under one condition.
Let us use the first 40 to 60 seconds of Blue Collar Boys as the theme song
for my new "Rapid Remodel TV" program. (An accelerated design/build show for the No. California Public access market.). This is "Monster House." meets "This Old House," show that will showcase under appreciated and unsung tradesmen only from Northern California. Unsung...that is, until they hear you friggin slammin, perfectly appropriate, ode to them...that couldn't sound better or better suited. I have actually been talking to a few bands about this very project this very week...and will book you guys to perform a back yard, or street party out front of the home... for the final build reveal. I wanted to incorporate this "block party celebration," as a
regular format feature and show the homeowners, builders, family and friends all together with the band playing the "theme song," at the end of each program.
Sound cool?

Allen Tatomer