Dana Moret

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Literally growing up with the blues, Dana's father played and performed in various venues in her youth and as a young lady.
Ms. Moret worked in her adopted family's blues club in Newcastle, California.
Starting out at the local open mike nights, her vocal skills landed her opportunities playing in small bands and festivals in the local clubs and benefits. Because of her connections to the blues club and many high profile bands coming to play there, Dana was honored to join the stage with some of her musical influences, such as Big Brother and The Holding Co, John Lee Hooker Jr. And his cousin Archie, the legendary Guitar Shorty, and Terry Evans, as well as regular appearances with Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers where she met Tim Barnes.

Her love for the blues led to concerts and dinner shows showcasing her tribute to Billie Holiday and her own band "Moret" gave her a chance to feature her own songwriting abilities. Her long time connection to Tim Barnes and the opportunity to open with her band at the first live Stoneground performance under the new members, made the decision by the band to bring Dana in as the newest member a dream come true. Guitar Shorty said just weeks before the news of joining "This girl is going places". Where she is going all started from where she came from..
This little Creole girl LOVES the Blues!!!!

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