Steve Price

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It all started in the seventh grade, when Steve had a choice between wood shop, metal shop or band. Having absolutely no interest in wood shop or metal shop, Steve ventured into the band room. This move would significantly change his life. The teacher asked Steve “what can you play?”. When Steve responded “nothing”, Mr. Thompson said “Great, we need a drummer, sit over there behind that snare drum".

After a brief stint in the school’s marching band, he was chosen to play in the school’s dance band. His first gig was as a roadie for high school friend Cory Lerios. When the drummer suddenly quit, Steve informed Cory that he could play the drums. Cory said “OK, lets see what you can do”. Steve got the gig on the spot!

While playing in the band called Together, Steve and Cory were recruited to play in Stoneground, a lucky break. Steve and Cory later went on to form the band Pablo Cruise. Steve became very interested in recording and in his early twenties was employed as a second engineer at His Masters Wheels under the tutelage of Elliot Mazer and Denny Siewell.

Steve has played on numerous recordings and at one time was virtually the house drummer for the Record Plant in Sausalito. Playing on recordings for Rick James, other artists Steve has recorded with are: The Mary Jane Girls, Grace Slick and Huey Lewis to name a few. Steve has over eighteen gold and platinum records to his credit. Now, twenty-five plus years later, Steve says his luckiest break was meeting his future wife Nancy. He credits his beautiful fiancé with inspiring and influencing his performances. Steve points out that when Nancy came into his life, her love and spirit set the creative fires in him ablaze! It is that continual spark of joy that radiates from this truly gifted musician that is not only experienced in his performances but also makes him such a unique person.

And now Tim Barnes has resurrected Stoneground and recruited Steve once again to be the drummer, yet another lucky break in Steve's amazing career. Tim say's the luck that brought Steve back to Stoneground is in fact Tim's lucky break! As Steve would say, “Life is good”!

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