Claudia Knauer

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Claudia Knauer was born in Oakland, California. She says she doesn't remember much except darkness, then light, somebody spanked her, she started singing and has been singing ever since!

Claudia is tremendously thrilled, humbled and excited to join such an incredible family of musicians, crew members and fans whose combined love and appreciation of music has and will again lift your soul, touch your heart, make you really happy and feel connected to the person next to you who is rocking out with a big smile!!!! .

Claudia has sung in the US and overseas, performing Rock and Roll, Pop, Motown, Big Band and Swing Band music in Night Clubs, Bars, Lounges, Resorts, Parties and a variety of musical events.

Claudia currently lives in Oregon and also sings with The Pranksters, an 18 piece Big Band.

Claudia brings a tremendous amount of energy and personality as well as her powerful and soulful voice to Stoneground's sound.

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