Willie, back row, maroon shirt, former Stoneground Road Manager, visits with band
backstage at The Little Fox in Redwood City, CA

Stoneground returns to the Bay Area

Dana, Greg, Claudia & Steve at The Crest

Claudia at The Crest

Tim Barnes watches two over zealous fans gently removed from stage.
He gave them both some of his guitar picks after the show.

Steve lays down the groove!

Kelly says hello to Sacramento

Dana weaving her spell at The Crest

Greg King at Constable Jacks

Tim Barnes smokin' with "Think About It" at The Crest

Greg & Claudia

Dana & Greg at The Crest

Tim Barnes "Burns The House Down"

Kelly Feels Good Tonight

Kelly, Greg, Dana, Claudia & Steve at The Crest in Sacramento

Tim Barnes lets go with, "Playing With Fire"

Dana workin' on "Way Down South" at The Crest

Band comes back for encore at The Crest Tim Barnes, "Burning The House Down"

Claudia & Tim

Dana Moret at Constable Jacks

Kelly Stephens

Greg King at Constable Jacks

The Lineup!

Saturn, from camera aboard Cassini Huygens Spaceraft, April 2, 2004

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